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Morellaty | Will your convictions sink or swim?

This blog is dedicated to the proposition that all opinions are not created equal. The assertion, "Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion," is true and based on the right to free speech, but we have this inane and unsubstantiated idea that personal beliefs cannot be wrong. All opinions require justification, or support, in order to validate them. If the justification for an opinion is incorrect, then the belief itself is mistaken as well. If the reasons that defend a personal conviction are logically inconsistent, conflict with scientific fact, contradict themselves, or employ absolutes subject to counter-examples, then the personal conviction is unfounded and therefore, nonsense. The justification for an opinion, and the opinion itself, must be logical. Logic is like a type of mathematics, except numbers are replaced by assertions and observations. For example, the claim "Socrates was mortal," is supported by the observations, "Socrates was a man," and, "Man is mortal." Since both of these premises are factually correct, and since Socrates is indeed dead, the original claim is valid, logical, and true. If an opinion is the logical equivalent of "2 + 2 = 5," then the opinion is wrong. This blog utilizes these principles to test deeply held beliefs and determine whether or not they hold water. Chances are, you will find a belief on these pages that matches your own. Do yourself a favor, and find out whether it will sink or swim.


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